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Trinity Capital Goes to China

We recently went to China to meet with a multitude of vendors at their factories so we can source start sourcing products for all our projects.

Our time in China was a phenomenal learning experience that covered the gamut: Chinese business culture, material products, quality, and we experienced everyday life as any Chinese citizen would.

Our first stop was in Beijing where we attended a housing trade show. The trade show contained most products for the interior of an apartment or house. One of our close friends and investor accompanied us during this part of the trip. He is from China and was instrumental in allowing us to communicate with all the companies at the trade show. We made a few connections at the trade show that we potentially could curate a relationship for future business.

After the trade show, we traveled to Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other small cities within a two to three-hour radius of the two larger cities. The main reason we wanted to visit China and specifically the factories is to look at product quality. In China, different factories can create identical products that are made with cheap and inferior material so having a quality control component in vendor selection is paramount.

While we were in Shanghai and Guangzhou, we were accompanied by a vendor who focuses on cabinets and counter tops. This relationship was created by the aforementioned investor who had a contact at this company. The company was gracious enough to introduce us to some of their trusted business partners that allowed us to create relationships with a multitude of high-quality companies. With this connection we were able to visit a multitude of factories that included: cabinet, quartz, solid surface, flooring, faucets, lighting, and hand crafted sinks.

All the factories we visited place the highest standard on quality and their quality control measures are second to none. Some of the factories we visited have a dedicated staff to review every single piece of product produced. This type of review process is not always guaranteed from China.

Going in, two of our requirements to conduct business with a Chinese company were that any factory we visited had already established import relationships to the US and all their products met all requirements the US has for product we plan to purchase. Luckily, we were able to meet these requirements to make the process of importing goods as seamless as possible.We feel confident in the relationships so we have already started sourcing some materials for our current projects. This will reduce our costs, increase quality, and make each project better than before!

If any apartment owners/operators or home builders would like to source materials in bulk, we would be glad to speak with you to see if we can provide value to your business.

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